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We wish you a lot of joy, smile, and pleasure, that every wish comes true and that your smile never leaves your face. Marry Christmas and a happy New Year. Global Metodi


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Recommanded branch conferences in Poland in 2018

Where to find potential customers, suppliers and subcontractors ? Check recommended Conferences / Symposia in 2018 in Poland. In order to help in organizing stands, presentations at conferences – please contact us: global@global-metodi.com    


Raport about polish investment market in industry – actual investments – contact directely your customers!

Raport: INDUSTRIAL MARKET IN POLAND – CURRENT INVESTMENTS   Poland is one of the largest construction site in Europe, for its constructions of new power units such as Opole, Jaworzno, or Turów Power Plant, as well as other industrial investments. It attracts foreign suppliers and service companies from abroad. Foreign companies meet some problems as:… | Continue reading


Global Metodi: Organisation of stands for Energetab 2017 and Energetyka Bełchatów 2017

As in the previous years, Global Metodi organized a stand for one of the conference sponsor, company GRC www.grc.com at the Symposium: “Energetyka Bełchatów 2017“. Invited by GRC, a german producer of filtration systems , company Taprogge www.taprogge.pl. made a presentation about “Rate of return on investment in TAPROGGE systems – various scenarios”.   A… | Continue reading

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