Global Metodi: Organisation of stands for Energetab 2017 and Energetyka Bełchatów 2017

As in the previous years, Global Metodi organized a stand for  one of the conference sponsor, company GRC at  the Symposium: “Energetyka Bełchatów 2017“. Invited by GRC, a german producer  of  filtration systems , company  Taprogge  made a presentation  about  “Rate of return on investment in TAPROGGE systems – various scenarios”.



A week later, for the 30th time, the “ENERGETAB 2017” jubilee industrial fair took place in Bielsko Biała/ Poland.

GRC, as one of the 709 exhibitors,  together with  austrian motor manufacturer,  ELIN MOTOREN presented the offer of industrial  motors and generators.

Our target was to organize the stand accompanied  with the marketing campaign.


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