Change of qualifications/upskilling

Developing skills and supporting job search is aimed at increasing professional competitiveness and facilitating access to the labor market for people who have lost their job or want to change it.

Through our comprehensive services, job seekers and people 45+ can gain not only new skills, but also self-confidence and readiness to compete effectively on the labor market. This approach allows for effective adaptation to changing professional requirements and effective search for new professional opportunities, in which we support our clients.

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Our approach to onboarding is based on a holistic view of staff development. We not only provide traditional procedural training, but also provide unique tools and programs that help employees quickly integrate into the company culture and achieve success in their new roles.
Personalized Onboarding Planning:

Benefits of introducing professional onboarding programs:

Benefits of introducing professional onboarding programs:

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Competence assessment

Competency assessment in companies is the process of assessing and analyzing the skills, knowledge, behaviors and characteristics of employees in order to understand how their competencies affect performance and the achievement of organizational goals. Competency assessment plays a key role in human resources management, enabling companies to better understand employees' strengths, identify areas for development and adapt their HR strategy to the needs of the organization.
In the competence assessment process, we take into account the following areas:

Competency assessment is a dynamic process that requires continuous monitoring and adaptation to the changing needs of the organization and employee development. An effectively conducted competency assessment process can contribute to effective talent management, improved efficiency and development of employee potential.

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Motivational systems

Creating effective motivational systems requires understanding the unique needs and expectations of employees in a given work environment. Here are some different types of incentive systems that organizations can implement:
The salary increase system may be based on achieved goals, performance or seniority. This may include regular salary reviews and pay increases for employees who meet set targets. Motivational systems may be based on:

It is worth remembering that effective motivation systems are flexible and adapted to the diversity of employees. We regularly monitor the collection of employee opinions and adapt motivational programs to the changing needs of the organization.

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Creating an employer brand - employer branding

Employer branding is the process of building a positive image of the employer in the eyes of current and potential employees. It is a strategy that aims to attract, engage and retain top talent by promoting the benefits, values and attractive features of working for a given company. Employer branding is not only about external perception, but also about creating corporate culture and employee experience internally.

Elements we take into account when creating employer branding:

Creating employer branding is a continuous process that requires attention, awareness and response to changing market trends and employee expectations. Effective employer branding can help attract the best talents, increase employee engagement and build a positive image of the company on the labor market.

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Offering attractive benefits can be a key element of the employer branding strategy, building a positive employer image and increasing competitiveness on the labor market. Today, in a business environment with increasing competition for talent, benefits are often treated as an important recruitment tool.

Why is it worth introducing benefits in companies:

Examples of benefits offered in companies:

It is worth remembering that an effective benefits package should be flexible and adapted to different groups of employees, taking into account individual preferences and needs. Thanks to this, the company can offer benefits that are actually valued by employees, which in turn contributes to building strong employer branding. We will help you select and create a benefit tailored to the needs of your organization.

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