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Global-Methodi Kinga Kuberek
Tax Identification Number: 644 306 00 91
RIS entry number: 2.24/00088/2023
Polish Chamber of Coaching: number M000341
Global Methodi bank account number : 91 1140 2004 0000 3102 7603 0703

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    Does Global Methodi offer subsidies for training?

    Yes. There is a possibility. We take advantage of current EU development programs implemented in the client's region. We use BUR, KFS. Thanks to partnership cooperation, we are able to prepare a complete application for co-financing of training and other development services.

    How are training needs assessed?

    At the stage of preparing the offer, we talk to the client and, if required, we conduct surveys and tests. We discuss and agree the content and scope of the training with the client.

    How are the effects of training and workshops checked?

    We always conduct training in the form of interactive workshops, which ensures the participation of all training participants. After the training, we offer support in the form of individual sessions or consultations regarding the effects or implementation of training issues. Depending on your needs, we provide support for up to 3 months after the training is included in the training price.

    When and where are open workshops organized?

    Open training and workshops are organized according to: needs. We are able to organize them online and in any place chosen by the client, in Poland and abroad.

    What training methods does Global Methodi use?

    We use workshops, individual work, tests, gamification, brainstorming, integration games, group tasks, working and discussing real cases.

    Where are the trainings held?

    We can organize them online or stationary in any place chosen by the client.