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A little more about me

With over a dozen years of experience working for international corporations in various areas and countries, I have been running my own training company, Global-Metodi, since 2016. I am, above all, a practitioner and a realist. I specialize in the areas of broadly understood communication, building and strengthening teams, acquiring and maintaining relationships with clients, including international negotiations. I train in personal effectiveness and managerial competences.

Curiosity and fascination with humans led me towards coaching and psychology. Today, I also support my clients as a coach (change of job for a 45+ person, development, business). I specialize in the area of psychological crisis - I work as a consultant and crisis coach with people who, for some reason, cannot cope with their current situation.

I really value truthfulness and authenticity. When working with clients, I use knowledge in the field of TSR therapy, schema therapy and CBT.

In my work, I combine hard management, organizational and design qualifications with soft competences in the field of human and organizational psychology.


Topics in which I specialize

About me